EasyEggie Egg Cooker
EasyEggie Egg Cooker
EasyEggie Egg Cooker
EasyEggie Egg Cooker
EasyEggie Egg Cooker

EasyEggie Egg Cooker

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✅ Crack    ✅ Boil    ✅ Pop

✔ EasyEggie: Premium Quality 6 Pack Set as seen on tv.

✔ New Recipes: Prepare new delicious recipes adding whatever you want with this easy non-stick cups.

✔ Tired of peeling eggs?: EasyEggie egglettes is perfect for you and it's easy to use. Stop peeling and start cooking eggs without shells with our silicone egglettes egg cooker.

✔ Same taste, same look, no peeling: EasyEggie non stick silicone egg cooker allow you to create perfect hard boiled eggs easily, without having to mess with the shell peeling process. Save time when you’re in a hurry!

✔ Convenient Holder saves your eggs: Without the holder, it’s easy for egg boiling pods to tip and fill with water, completely ruining your eggs. EasyEggie holder keeps your eggs upright and together. No more wasted eggs with EasyEggie!

✔ Easy to use and easy to clean: Just spread a generous amount of oil and crack your eggs, then pour them into our silicone cups. Once the lids are on, just place in a pot and boil with the holder. Non stick silicone design allows them to slide out easily with the help of a spoon. Dishwasher safe! Instruction included!

✔ Non toxic, Bpa Free silicone, No risk purchase: our  egg cooker is more than just easy, it’s safe too. EasyEggie use the best materials so you don’t have to worry about possible contamination. Get EGG-cited! “Add to Cart” Now!


Item specifics

1 spoon, 1 brush, 6 egglettes, 1 holder, 1 use instruction.